Online Business Camps for women in home based business who are ready to get off the sidelines and show up boldly for their business.


My Mission

To lead female entrepreneurs off the sidelines and onto the field - organized, in action, and consistently showing up both on and offline. I spent years watching everyone else build their dreams, show up boldly online and make shit happen. I stood by waiting, wishing, hoping for that “one tip” I thought I needed, that a-ha moment, the motivation ... Years went by, my income stayed the same, and I found myself setting the same goals year after year. I finally decided I was done living the same year over and over again. I made a radical leap that forced me to show up in my business like never before. That decision transformed my professional life. I am here to help you get out of your own way, start showing up and owning the role of CEO! Learn More


Sidelines to CEO

Sidelines to CEO started out as a 1:1 coaching program for women in online business based around time management and productivity. My clients learned how to become more disciplined working from home, they created a non-negotiable, self serving morning routine and mastered time blocking for increased productivity and a healthy work : life balance. This program was so successful and there was so much interest for this type of coaching that it naturally grew into a collaborative camp. Sidelines to CEO is now a Collaboration Camp created to bring like minded entrepreneurial women together to up level both personally and professionally while supporting each others goals and creating valuable female relationships.


Client Testimonials


Melissa Barkell, Montana

Before working with Lisa I felt overwhelmed and like my days were running me. Now, I take time each Sunday evening to schedule my daily priories for the week. I am more intentional with my time and more productive. Having my days planned out in advance helps me to adjust when life happens. I’ve been more consistent with my business and it’s growing!

Luisa Ramirez, Arizona

I have hired a couple of coaches in the last several years (even a Tony Robbins coach) and I received more clarity, direction and confidence with you and am really looking forward to it all! Everytime we connect I get emotional because I am so grateful for you and this process. Who would have thought time blocking would be this intense? I’ve already received so much from this after just a few sessions, if I got nothing more I would be very happy. I would have paid you triple for this experience.

Stephanie Tonon, New Jersey

I have learned so much from this experience. Visually seeing my time in this way has made me relax and given me a new understanding about my time in general. I’ve been too hard on myself at times and this process made me realize this. Life is a journey and I just have to keep reaching for the stars and be thankful for what I have done. I now know what makes me feel better mentally and physically through this process.


I am experiencing so much clarity with time blocking! I love the accountability I feel from writing and highlighting things in my planner. I was using a planner before but only for time sensitive things. Other than that I was kind of free flowing. I feel so much more productive now and only on day 2 of implementing time blocking. So thankful for you!

Beth reed, Minnesota

I worked with Lisa to establish a better morning routine and to implement time blocking into my daily schedule. Lisa is an amazing resource for encouragement and leadership. She helped me focus on areas of my life and business to become more productive in my day-to-day activities. If you are looking for ways to streamline your business, Lisa is your gal!

LISA MCGREGOR, california

I am so so glad the stars aligned and I got connected into this group (collaboration camp), This is exactly what I needed when I needed it and it is helping me in so many ways just in the first week! Thank you so much for following your heart and saying yes to scary things, because you’re helping people like me want to do the same. It is a ripple affect.


lisa lupo

all of it -

the epic moments & the shitty days, have prepared you for who you are about to become.



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